What is a Chip Minimizer and Why Should You Want It?

Picture this: Two weeks have passed since your countertop installation and you’re scrubbing  your favorite cast iron pan in the sink when suddenly THIS happens!

Or maybe THIS happens!

The fact of the matter is that over 50% of our repair calls are for chipped undermount sink cutouts like the photos above, BUT there’s an easy way to prevent this type of damage. When you’re purchasing your new countertop, make sure to ask for a Chip Minimizer edge around the sink.

                A Chip Minimizer edge is exactly what it sounds like: a rounded edge along the inside of your sink cutout that is proven to reduce damage due to impact such as chipping. Here’s what it looks like.

                This “Chip Minimizer” edge is available for an extra $150 through Granite Surfaces of Texas and will save you money and headaches by minimizing the risk of chipping your brand new countertop!

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