How to make sure your cabinets match your countertops.

The key to making sure your new countertops match your cabinets is simple. Just pick out your countertops first! Since granite, quartz, Dekton, marble, or Curava countertops are all very unique it is a good idea to select your stone, color, and pattern first and then try to match your cabinets to your countertops as they are much more customizable.

Basically, once you select and pay for the perfect countertop material, there’s really no way to go back, but so many things can be done to cabinets to change their appearance (paints, stains, different materials) that the options are pretty much unlimited.

Once you’ve got your countertops selected there’s two different ways to pair them to an awesome set of cabinets in the following bullet points.

Contrasting – A contrasting pairing would be when the color of the countertops “contrast” the color of the cabinets. For example, a contrasting pairing would be light countertops and dark cabinets.


Complimentary – A complimentary pairing would be the opposite of a contrasting one. This means that the cabinets would be the same color as the countertops such as in a dark on dark or a light on light pairing.

One final tip that should be of some help to you in your kitchen remodeling journey is that it’s better to look at full slabs of granite, quartz, Dekton, marble, or Curava as they are better representative of the final product you’ll see in your kitchen. Luckily for you, we here at Granite Surfaces of Texas have a full slab yard you can browse to find your perfect countertop surface!