Renovating to sell your home? Start with the kitchen!

In this day and age, the housing marketing is more competitive than ever. If you don’t sell your house within a few weeks of listing it online your listing will likely be buried under hundreds of new and nicer listings and your chances of finding a buyer dramatically decrease. That’s why it’s important to renovate your house before listing it, so it can compete with the other listings and sell in the shortest amount of time.

By this point you’re probably thinking of starting on your kitchen, but actually you should start on your garage door first (our friends at Sears Garage Doors out in Houston can help you with that.) But this isn’t a garage door blog, it’s a granite blog and I’m about to tell you all about the benefits of renovating your kitchen before you sell.

A newly renovated kitchen is one of the number one things that people look for when they’re house hunting. An old, outdated kitchen is always going to be a red flag in the buyers mind because it means they’re going to have to spend money renovating it themselves. On the other hand, having a newly renovated kitchen with new countertops and cabinets means you can sell your house for even more than what the renovation cost you! Renovating your kitchen before selling is really a win-win situation.

You don’t even have to spend very much renovating your kitchen as long as the end result looks good. Your potential buyers won’t fall in love with your home because the kitchen renovation cost you an arm and a leg, they’ll fall in love with it because it looks amazing! (If you did it right)

And if you’re looking for a company who will transform your kitchen into something that will impress any and all who enter, look no further than Granite Surfaces of Texas! As you can see from our projects gallery, we make kitchens look GOOD! Our expert staff will hold your hand every step of the way while we help give you a kitchen that will have buyers lining up for miles in all directions!