How to clean your new Granite countertops.

You’ve just gotten your new countertops installed. They look great, and you can’t wait to start cooking on them but WAIT! You’ve already spilled something on them and now you’re wondering how to clean it up. Well look no further than this blog post because I’m about to teach you how to take care of your new granite countertops!

Granite is one of the toughest surfaces out there, but it can still be corroded by acidic solutions like vinegar, Windex, or bleach. It’s best to not use any household cleaners when taking care of your granite. What you should use instead is a warm, soapy water mixture to wipe down stains followed by a clean water rinse.

You shouldn’t let stains sit either, instead you should clean them up as soon as you notice them so you don’t weaken the granite trying to get the stain off.

In case you do encounter a bad stain that’s been there for a while you should mix baking soda and water into a paste and cover the stain with it. After the stain is covered with your paste mixture place a sheet of plastic wrap over it and tape the plastic wrap down. Leave it taped down for a couple of days and then use a cloth to wipe the mixture away and rinse with warm water.

You should also have your countertops professionally resealed every two to four years to keep them looking shiny and new. And that’s all you need to know about cleaning your new granite countertops, so go clean that stain from the beginning of this article up!