Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Sink

Before you start thinking about countertops there’s a few things you should consider- one of the biggest choices you’ll make is the type of sink you put in. Sinks are often overlooked, but in reality they’re one of the most frequently used appliances in the house and you should definitely put some thought into what you’ll be using your sink for before picking one out.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a new sink such as how often you eat out instead of cooking. Do you have a dishwasher, or will you be hand washing dishes? Would you prefer having a sink that’s easier to clean if it means it’ll cost a little bit more? In this blog post I’m going to be breaking down the benefits and drawbacks of three different types of sink basins, and weather an overmount or undermount sink is right for you.

Let’s start with the single basin sink. Single basin sinks are good for smaller kitchens as they take up less countertop space and provide more space inside the sink as well. These sinks do not have a divider hence the name “single basin,” which makes them better for cleaning large items like pots and pans.

Then we have the double basin sink. The double basin sink is good for medium to large kitchens since they take up a bit more countertop space than the single basin. The double basin sink has a divider in the middle of it, which makes both sides smaller than the single basin. This could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. On one hand, it makes washing, rinsing, and drying dishes easier if you don’t use a dishwasher very often. On the other hand since it’s divided down the middle, it has less space for washing larger items than the single basin sink does and you may have difficulty washing things like cookie sheets, cast iron, or pots and pans.

Finally we have the Farmhouse style sink. Farmhouse sinks are some of the coolest looking sinks around and are perfect for country style or rustic kitchens, but may not be suited for smaller kitchens as they tend to take up a lot of countertop space. Farmhouse sinks are very deep and have exposed fronts, which make them easy to clean. If you’re re-doing your countertops and you’d like a farmhouse style sink, make sure to let your fabricator know so that they can cut the material accordingly.

In addition to these 3 styles of sinks, you can also choose how you’d like to have your sink mounted. The two mounting styles are overmount and undermount sinks, which each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s start with overmount sinks, otherwise known as topmount sinks due to the way that they sit on the countertop. Overmount sinks are placed into a sink cutout during the countertop installation and are held up by a rim that runs around the sink. This way, all of the sinks weight is carried in the rim of the sink. These are usually cheaper than undermount sinks, but are harder to clean because dust, dirt, and grime can get under the rim.

Undermount sinks as the name suggests, are mounted under the countertop surface. These sinks are held up from under the countertop which means they don’t have a rim, which in turn makes them easier to clean. Undermount sinks are more popular than overmount sinks due to their visual appeal as well as the cleanliness factor.

If you haven’t already realized this, a lot of thought should be put in to what kind of sink you want sitting in your brand new countertop but don’t worry too much because we here at Granite Surfaces of Texas will be able to walk you through all the options to find the perfect sink and countertop to fit your lifestyle!