Choosing the Best Material for Your Outdoor Kitchen!

Summer is almost over, but we still have a few more months of long days, hot sun, and the perfect weather to throw as many Bar-B-Q’s as you can! It’s also the perfect time to invest in an outdoor kitchen! Trust me, adding an outdoor kitchen is one of the sharpest upgrades to your home that you can make, but it’s also a pretty big job so I’m going to help you get started!

The biggest initial question you’ll have while planning your outdoor kitchen is what you’d like the countertops to be made out of. To help you answer that question, I’m going to run through all the materials we offer and tell you which ones would be good for an outdoor kitchen!


Granite is a great material for an outdoor countertop as long as you remember to seal it initially. Once sealed, granite is resistant to mold, stains, and the general grime that you’d expect to find in an outdoor kitchen. Granite also holds up extremely well outdoors (That’s where it comes from after all.) It won’t be damaged by heat and there are a large number of granite colors that won’t fade with exposure to sunlight. On top of all that, outdoor kitchens are generally smaller than indoor kitchens so you’ll probably be able to save money by purchasing a remnant instead of a full slab!


Unlike Granite, which is great for an outdoor kitchen, Quartz should not be installed outdoors. Quartz, which is not found in nature will definitely fade in the sunlight. It’ll also be damaged by moisture and humidity. On the upside, it still looks amazing indoors!


Dekton is another great material to use for your outdoor countertop. It’s another man-made stone, but unlike Quartz, it is TOUGH! Dekton is heat resistant and can resist UV radiation, making it a great option for an outdoor countertop during those scorching Texas summers. It won’t need sealing and can naturally withstand water. It’s also completely cut and scratch resistant (trust me I’ve tried scratching it with my keys hundreds of times and have never succeeded.) Dekton is definetly up there with Granite in the ranking of best stones to build a countertop out of outdoors.

Curava/Recycled Glass

Curava is beautiful and eco friendly. It’s also made locally here in Texas. These are all reasons why you should absolutely install Curava inside your home. Installing it outdoors is another story entirely. Recycled Glass countertops do not do very well outside and you’ll run into all sorts of problems if you add Curava to your outdoor kitchen. Their website even says “Curava is not presently recommended for outdoor use.”

So let’s sum up what we’ve learned today. If you’re planning on constructing an outdoor kitchen, choose either Granite or Dekton for your countertop. If you’re planing on remodeling your indoor countertops, Granite, Quartz, Dekton, and Curava are all beautiful options to go with. If you’re unsure of what company is the most cost effective, has the most skilled workers, and will build you something that you’ll love for years to come, look no further than your friends at Granite Surfaces of Texas!

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