Silestone N-Boost Performance Tests

If you’ve been reading this blog, it should come at no surprise when I say that Silestone is the best quartz product that you can buy. If you need a reminder though, keep reading!

In the video below, the good people over at Cosentino preform four different tests on a regular piece of quartz, and a piece of quartz treated with Silestone’s N-Boost. The tests are pretty standard in the sense that they test normal conditions that kitchen countertops are subjected to.

The first test measures water traces on black and white surfaces when held at an angle. We’re able to clearly see that water slides right off the Silestone, but sticks to the regular quartz.

The second test measures the material’s “pearl effect.” This is basically how many wipe passes it takes to clean water off the surface. It should come at no surprise that Silestone N-Boost dries immediately while the regular Quartz surface is still wet after multiple wipe passes.

The third test is the finger print test. The finger prints on standard quartz are still visible after a cloth wipe down while the Silestone N-Boost prints disappear after a single wipe pass.

The last test is probably the most impressive. This is to measure how well wine stains come off after drying for 24 hours. The stains on the Silestone N-Boosted Quartz are removed using water and a single wipe pass while the standard quartz retains the wine stains after water and multiple wipe passes.

As impressive as these tests are to read about, they’re even better to watch so check out the video below and then give us a call at (281)-495-6555 for your Silestone Quartz!

Find Granite Surfaces of Texas in a Store Near You!

                We may only have showrooms in Austin and Houston, but that doesn’t’ mean those are the only places where you can find awesome Granite Surfaces of Texas deals and materials! Now you can find us in most areas in Texas and parts of Louisiana!

             You’ll be able to find us at the following stores:

Don’t see your city? Just check back in a couple months because we’re always adding new partners!

Let’s talk Garage Doors

You may have noticed that we’ve added a “Garage and Entry Doors” tab to our website and wondered “Isn’t this a granite company?” Well you’re right! But we’ve also partnered with the good people over at Sears Garage Solutions to bring you easier access to the best Garage Repair company in Houston! In this blog post I’m going to tell you all about the great services that Sears Garage Solutions has to offer!

Garage Repair

Sears Garage Technicians know that your time is valuable and will always arrive with their trucks fully stocked so that they will be able to fix any problems that detect right then and there. From broken springs to doors off track and garage door opener issues Sears technicians are trained to fix it all.

Garage Door Openers

Sears Garage Solutions only works with the best of the best in the opener business, and that’s Chamberlain. Chamberlain garage door openers come with a one year warranty on parts, a 90 day warranty on labor, and are backed by the absolute best customer service team in the industry. Chamberlain openers aren’t the only ones we’ll work on though. Sears technicians are trained to repair or install any and all garage door openers.

Garage and Entry Door Replacement

Our friends at Sears Garage Solutions proudly offer free in-person garage and entry door estimates. During this estimate, a skilled Sears technician will come to your home, measure your door, and provide you with a range of options to replace the old door with. Sears technicians will have a range of different samples of  doors and colors so that they can help you choose the best looking new door for your home!

Garage Flooring

In addition to general garage work and entry door sales, Sears Garage Solutions also will install garage flooring which will make the garage floor resistant to brake fluid, waterproof, environmentally safe, and generally nicer to look at! They are available in multiple colors, shades, and finishes so they are guaranteed to have something you like!

You can give our friends at Sears Garage Solutions a call at (713) 701-1700 to schedule garage service with the most trustworthy garage company in Houston.