Let’s Talk Vein Matching

We here at Granite Surfaces of Texas are happy to announce that we are now offering Vein Matching on all countertop purchases!

Vein matching is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Basically it’s a way to pair your countertop to your backsplash like so:

See the way that the backsplash meets the countertop and it looks like on continuous vein? Let’s take a closer look.

We can achieve this vein matching by planning out exactly which section of the slab is going in each specific part of the kitchen. This is done by mapping out a digital image of the slab so that we can plan out how to make the best use of the material while vein matching. In the end, the image on the computer will look something like this:

From there, the hard part is over! All we have to do then is cut the stone using one of our state-of-the-art machines and then we can install it in your kitchen! By that point, you’ll have a kitchen that you can be proud of for the rest of your time in that house!

You can give us a call today at 281-607-1548 for more information on vein matching or to set up an appointment for new countertops!

GST’s Top 3 Tips for Replacing Your Countertops

For a full guide on all of the things you should consider when remodeling your kitchen, you should read through all of the articles on this blog, but for a quick crash course, look no further than this post right here!

1. Educate yourself about the different stone choices BEFORE selecting a material.

Granite, Quartz, Marble, Recycled Glass, and Dekton all have different benefits and drawbacks that can all seriously affect the functionality of your kitchen? Do you plan on setting hot plates down on your countertop? Well then maybe you should choose Granite over Quartz. Or maybe you’d like something that’s 100% scratch resistant? Then you’re going to want to choose from one of our Dekton offerings. For more information on different countertop materials, you can check out some of our blog posts about it by clicking the following links. Granite vs. Quartz, Introducing Curava, and How is Dekton Made

2. Research the company you plan on working with before visiting a showroom.

The company you choose to work with for your countertop installation can make all the difference between a smooth installation and a multi-month nightmare where you don’t have a functioning kitchen for weeks on end. It’s imperative that you research the company you plan on working with. You should look at their Google star rating; you should read comments from people who have worked with them before, you should check out their website to see if they’ve got any special deals or if they offer financing plans. You’re already on a great company’s website so go ahead and start your research here!

3. View whole slabs before deciding on a color.

Before you decide on a color, you should ALWAYS view the slab that’s going to be put into your kitchen. This is especially true for Granite, as each slab of granite is unique. There can be a vein pattern that you like or dislike that you didn’t see on the sample you were shown as well as countless other small things that can mean the difference between you loving or hating your new countertops. You can schedule an appointment to walk through our slab yard here.

Now obviously, these aren’t the ONLY things you should consider when purchasing new countertops, but hopefully this post serves as a good jumping off point for you. Our goal is that hopefully the rest of this blog will help serve as a guide for any and all questions that you may have about your new countertops, but if you do still have questions, we’ll always be here to answer them!